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About Christine Ahia

Artistʻs Statement:  I enjoy painting outside in our Hawaiʻi Island natural areas, where there is an abundance of native plants and wildlife.  I try to emphasize their uniqueness and beauty in my work.  One of my goals is to encourage others to really take a good look at our unique and fragile Hawaiian environment to interact with, enjoy, and care for these places, to Mālama ʻAina (cherish the land).  Painting plein air forms connections with the land, and is a wonderful multisensory experience.  By actually being present and seeing the birds, animals, plants, and trees, seeing the light at that time, the shapes of the land, the ocean waves, feeling the breezes, and inhaling the fragrance of the land, I strive to honor the place and represent it with expression and aloha. 


Artistʻs bio: Christine Ahia became involved in art from childhood years, and much later received a BA in Art from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.  Textile design was her primary medium.  Classes in ceramics, watercolor, and pastel painting expanded her interests and she later focused on pastel painting.  Since then she attended many pastel workshops from widely known artists.  Christine is a Signature Member of Pastel Artists of Hawai'i and has participated in solo, invitational, and juried shows in Hilo and Honolulu.  Painting plein air is one of her favorite pastimes.


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